175円 Songbook of Praise Worship ミュージック ソウル・RB ゴスペル ミュージック , ソウル・RB , ゴスペル,Worship,magic-wands.net,/epistle32037.html,Songbook,of,Praise,175円 限定特価 Songbook of Praise Worship ミュージック , ソウル・RB , ゴスペル,Worship,magic-wands.net,/epistle32037.html,Songbook,of,Praise,175円 限定特価 Songbook of Praise Worship 175円 Songbook of Praise Worship ミュージック ソウル・RB ゴスペル

限定特価 Songbook of 爆安 Praise Worship

Songbook of Praise Worship


Songbook of Praise Worship


2017 release from the gospel favorite. While some have reduced their gifts to pure entertainment, compromising their own personal style and convictions for the sake of ratings, Bill Moss Jr. Is determined to deliver a message that stays HOT... Honest, Open amp; Transparent. A very private man, careful to protect his personal space, Bill often opens up in his music and unveils parts of himself that are not so easily exposed. Born and raised into what has been called a musical dynasty, Bill has not been exempt from life's struggles and disappointments. This Detroit native, born the 7th child of eight to the late Bill Moss Sr. #and Missionary Essie Moss of Bill Moss amp; The Celestials, will tell anyone that his success did not just come overnight. Honing his craft under his aunt, the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, did not exclude Bill from innumerable hours of practicing scales and progressions. Bill still recalls the feeling of performing in front of an audience and falling flat on his back years ago, an experience he believes every musician will have, whether real or imagined. Bill shares that story to encourage others, emphasizing that when you fall on your back, you can look up, which means you can still get up and try again.

Songbook of Praise Worship






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